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About Us

Who Is Steampunk Authority?

At Steampunk Authority, we celebrate steampunk and the mindset behind it. Steampunk embodies powerful crafts, steam-powered machinery, and technologies influenced by futuristic undertones. This is what we want to capture in everything we provide!

We feature some of the finest steampunk clothing, accessories, collectibles, and housewares on the market today. We want to help express the steampunk fanatic inside all of us! We ourselves absolutely love the intricacies of the sub-genre, with the industrial aesthetics and the quirky yet sophisticated designs, and want to share our obsession with the online community. We’ve got your hats, goggles, pocket watches, and all the awesome in-betweens that you are looking for!


Our Merchandise

The entire team here at Steampunk Authority is passionate about finding the most interesting steampunk merchandise out there. We seek to maintain strong partnerships with companies whose talents and creativities capture the unique qualities that truly makes a product “steampunk worthy.” This enables us to grant our customers a collection of offerings genuinely capturing the essence of the genre.

Our goal is not to simply stock our website with loads of random steampunk items, but to offer truly remarkable products that will appeal to hardcore fans and the mainstream audience alike. Our merchandise consists of a myriad of different goods, including home goods, decorative art, jewelry and accessories, costumes, furniture, etc. For customers looking to enrich their lives with steampunk, this is their one and only stop.

We’re dedicated to serving the steampunk community with the respect it deserves, so please take a look around. We’re certain you’ll find something you love. And if you don’t, well, we’re constantly looking for new and exciting things to add to our store so stop by often, or follow us on Instagram to see all the cool things we find.


The Steampunk Community

Quality merchandise is just one of our priorities. We also wish to connect with the steampunk community, providing a space where fans can purchase, talk about, and get informed on the sub-genre. Check out our blog, Instagram, and Facebook page where you can access various steampunk-related articles, engage in discussion, keep up-to-date with the latest steampunk findings and much more.


Our Valued Customers

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at any time. We’re happy to help in whatever way we can, and will do our best to address all your questions, interests, or concerns.