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Braided Charging Bull Steampunk Sculpture


What do you think of when imaging a bull? I bet you think of strength, power, momentum, and perseverance! This is exactly what the steampunk bull sculpture presents you. This awesome sculpture is laced with intricate ribbons all coming together to form the strong cattle before you.  With its head down, pushing from its hind legs, and readiness to charge forward, you will gain all the inspiration for success and forward progress when having this mighty steampunk sculpture in your presence! 

Theme: Animals
Regional Feature: Europe
Material: Iron
Color: Brown
Item Size: L12.4 * W4.8 * H7.1in
Item Weight: 961g/33.90oz

Estimated Arrival: 2 - 3 weeks from date of purchase

Shipping & Returns: Free shipping. Buyer pays for return shipment. More details.  

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