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Let's Talk Steampunk Costumes

Steampunk Authority

Posted on November 10 2018

A unique costume for your next steampunk Halloween costume party, convention, a costume contest, or costume party is a must and if you’re into steampunk fashion you want to have something quality as well. You have several options when it comes to putting together a costume, whether you want to create it entirely from scratch or you want to purchase elements from thrift stores, or even the entire costume. You’ll be able to build something perfect for whatever you need and whoever you want to be—as long as it’s a steampunk lady or gentleman!

Top Steampunk Costume Pieces

When you think of steampunk fashion you probably think of a cross between the Victorian era, steam power, and science fiction, which means certain interesting and unique little tools and other superior quality items, things that go on the costume pieces to really make it fit and here are our favorites.

The Gears

One of the most well-known aspects of steampunk clothing is gears. You’ll find them on the clothes, the accessories, and sometimes as the accessories. They can be any shape or size and they can be just about any color you want as well. The more gears the better, and the more uniquely you use them the better. Bronze gears are the most common when it comes to the steampunk style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use other colors if you have them. The key is just to use as many as you can and in as many different ways as you can.

The Lace

Lace can be used in necklaces, dresses, collars, wristlets, and a whole lot more. It can be large lace, small lace, lots of lace, a little lace, and any color you can imagine. There’s just so much that you can create with lace or accent with it to get a really unique style. Even small amounts of lace added to your goggles, your skirt, your corset, or around your neck can be the perfect way to tie things in together and get an even more fitting look to your costume.

The Leather

Leather is used in wristlets, hats, bags, belts, suspenders, vests, corsets, and just about anything else you can think of. Black and brown leather are very common and can be used on men’s and women’s costumes in a variety of fun ways. There’s no end to the number of ways that you can use leather and the more the better. It doesn’t have to be genuine leather, but the look of leather is definitely important and can create a steampunk style even on its own, without other accents.

Top Steampunk Costume Accessories

So what type of pieces are iconic to steampunk clothing? While just about anything can be made steampunk, there are some things that everyone thinks of as a great way to show off your steampunk style.

The Hat

What would steampunk be without the iconic top hat that goes with nearly every costume? Arranged in different styles with plenty of different accents, a top hat can be found to fit just about anything else you want to wear, from a dress to pants to even shorts and mini-dresses. Some top hats are larger than others and sometimes you’ll see other styles of hats, but they will almost always have several small objects scattered around the top of them (or at least a pair of goggles).

The Wristband

Many women and men who engage in steampunk will wear some type of wristband. It may be made from leather or from lace or with a mix of the two. It may even cover the fingers or only cover the wrist. It will usually have some kind of accent piece with metal, however (maybe even gears), to really pull in the look and it’s usually dark colors. These can be a fun way to show off your steampunk style even when it’s not time to dress up in full costume as well.

The Goggles

Goggles are generally a little more basic in the way of style variety, but there are still a few things that you can do to enhance them. Maybe people will wear the thick steampunk aviator goggles just the way they are (over their eyes or on top of their head) but some will add decorative elements like metal pieces and gears, feathers, lace, or just about anything else. This can add a bit of a unique touch and create a great accent to the rest of the outfit.

The Corset

For women, a stylish corset can make a costume fit into a variety of different time periods, but when it comes to a steampunk corset the best choices are generally leather. They can be small, just around the waist (more of a clincher) or they can be large, covering the entire upper body. Some are only made of leather; others are made of leather and a lot of different accents. Some are more decorative and stylish than others, but all of them create a really nice accent to a dress or even just a regular shirt.

The Petticoats

For women, petticoats are a great touch to add to any outfit. They can be long and puffy, like those from Victorian times, or they can be short or even short in front and longer in the back. These more daring styles are definitely iconic for the steampunk outfit style and they may even feature buckles and ties to keep them up (completely in style, of course). The petticoats can be any color or pattern and can go with just about anything.

No matter what your plans are for your steampunk costume, you want to make sure that you have a great look and a great matchup. The best part is that you really don’t need to match all that much to pull off the steampunk outfit look. Whether you prefer a Victorian style or you are more about the steam boat style, it’s all about mixing and matching different eras and different styles with plenty of accessories that are rough around the edges. You’ll be surprised just how easy it actually is to get a steampunk look out of many of the things that you have right around you and possibly even in your own home or with one simple trip to the thrift store.